Empowering the entire chain

We believe that the future belongs to open standard based development platforms that allow developers and businesses to excel. The times of proprietary platforms and systems, locking the enterprise firmly into the hands of a single supplier, are over. That’s why we believe in Akula, the open enterprise mobile app platform that mobilizes your business data and puts you in control, eliminating all development, security, management and functionality issues. With Akula, you own your mobility.

Mobile business logic

Akula lets you connect and combine data from various systems –business logic– and present the data in the preferred format on mobile devices. That’s what we call mobile business logic.

Agile development

An open source mobile middleware platform seamlessly integratable with the development tools of your choice, Akula allows you to develop mobile business apps faster, optimally structured and more cost-effective than ever before. This allows for iterative developing, adapting to ever-changing requirements and environments. That’s what we call agile development.

Optimized dependability

Akula allows mobile devices to access and use business data both on and off-line, with built-in auto-synchronization, data caching and off-line capabilities, while extending and upholding corporate security. That’s what we call optimized dependability.

Empowering the entire chain